[24/11/2017 a 26/11/2017] KizombaFever 2017 @ Zagreb

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[24/11/2017 a 26/11/2017] KizombaFever 2017 @ Zagreb

Mensagem  KiZoMbEiRo_LX em Dom Jul 30, 2017 11:45 pm

We are baaaaack!

Hello all you KizombaFever lovers!

We are coming to you bigger, better, larger and this time, we promise no rooms with crazy animal prints on the walls or a carpet that look like it’s on ecstasy… of course only if you want to go there, but that will be on your own risk Wink

The venue is the same, but this time it will take place in the restaurant hall. So if any of you get hungry while at the party you will stay hungry, as the kitchen will be closed. Wink
But the bar will be more than happy to take your drink orders during the whole night. We do advise not to drink too much; we are here to have fun and dance… if you start spinning or the room does, that will be the first sign, as we do not spin in kizomba THAT much Razz

Now all the joke aside.

We are so proud of this event and how it has grown thanks to all of you crazy kizomba lover. This would not be possible without you. (Come on. Go! Give yourselves a tap on the back).

We have everything you need for a great weekend:

All the amazing artists will be there:


The unforgettable DJ’s:

- Hugo Boss (Hugo Boss Silva)
- DJ Carlone (Carlo Caponnetti)
- DJ Virgin (Stefano Virgindj)
- B DJ Bruno Checchin

- Anja Maras (ZG)
- Carlo Caponnetti (IT)
- Maja G Loira (ZG)
- Jurica Ruždjak (ZG)
- Maja Ašič (SLO)
- Filip Perica (RI)
- Martina Levatic (BG)

The crazy MC lady that we still don’t know who she is (she just showed up last year. No joke Razz )

- Tena Krajacic

And now the most important stuff…. The prices:
FULL PASS( all workshops+all parties)

*JULY 49€

2 nights in Hotel B&B in single room + 1 FULL PASS = 99€
2 nights in double room B&B +2 FULL PASS = 198€

More info soon...

mail: info@kizombafever.eu
Fb: Anja Maras Carlo Caponnetti
web: http://kizombafever.eu/



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